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New Jersey Office - Ketamine Clinic located in Oradell. Serving Teaneck, Ridgewood, Paramus, Fairlawn and Westwood in Bergen County; and Spring Valley and New City in Rockland County

Westchester Office - Ketamine Clinic located in New Rochelle. Serving Yonkers and Scarsdale in Westchester County, Bronx County and Greenwich in Fairfield County, Connecticut

New York City Office - Ketamine Clinic located on the Upper West Side. Serving the Borough of Manhattan

Patient Reviews

First, this was my first time doing K therapy, and I'm doing Spravato (nasal spray), not infusion treatment.
The location is new and they're still working on getting everything together as of 23 May, but it's very comfortable, has drinks and snacks, and the staff is amazing and kind. I sat in a big comfy chair and was provided a very cozy blanket and a nice eye mask, and the staff was attentive to making sure I was comfortable. I felt very welcome throughout, which just added to an already extremely positive treatment.
The process was remarkably easy as a qualified patient - I ran it by my psychiatrist, who was on board, signed my HIPAA forms and KETA Med Center took care of everything else. No jumping through hoops for insurance or anything and minimal paperwork on arrival for my first session.
The experience was extremely pleasant and positive - incredibly relaxing and therapeutic, while still mild enough that I did some work before the end of my session. The location is also absolutely perfect for those in UWS/Harlem - right next to the C train and CPW, which is a wonderful environment to emerge into after.

Christiaan L. May 23, 2023

Excellent communication and service. Johanna has been very helpful with onboarding and intake questions. Dr. Malina is professional and caring. She cares about her patients and it shows she's very compassionate. Nursing staff has been amazing and patient with me. I'm so happy I found KETA in a teacher magazine I never read. It was almost as if I was destined for relieve and so far I am happy.

Jessica C. May 22, 2023

Both Doctors are compassionate, caring, and knowledgable. I feel completely safe and taken care of while I am there. Some staff are better than others. But that's OK. I hope this helps me to feel better.

Dawn S. May 09, 2023

Caring and supportive doctors and nurses

Brooke L. Jan 26, 2023

Super nice and accommodating, always a comfortable experience.

Emily N. Jan 26, 2023

Just had my first infusion, and it was great. I did have a reaction, but it was enjoyable and wild. The entire time Dr. Cheryl Malina explained everything, made sure I was comfortable, checking in multiple times, and told me what to expect afterward. She is easy to talk to and the facilities are beautiful and relaxing. I am looking forward to my next sessions (and all of the sessions) and really, really hope this is a game changer. I have been wanting this treatment since it was in it's clinical trial days... and now I am feeling very fortunate to finally be able to get them.

Heather M. Jan 26, 2023

Great Doctors and Staff! They made me feel relaxed and walked me throught the whole process form start to finish, I am now on my 4th of the visit and can not be happier! This treatment is helping cant wait to see how i feel about the 8th and final treatment!

Louis M. November 22, 2022

love this center. The ambiance is pleasant, the doctors are attentive, and it is a welcoming environment for a very difficult treatment. I am thankful I have had the opportunity to go here in NJ -- it's worth the trip from NY!

Tamar W. November 4, 2022

Really great experience with this ketamine infusion center, both personally and as a professional referring patients. The medical staff is very caring and professional, the environment is nice and comfortable, they have good availability….and just overall excellent service. Highly recommend!

Mirel G. August 8, 2022

After 58 years of struggling with depression I finally found relief and hope.The Ketamine therapy is given in such a gentle manner that within a couple weeks and you feel like you have a brand new start to your life. I highly recommend as a medical staff are so professional. and he has been one amazing experience. Mark H

Mark H. September 14, 2022

I had a really good experience with my treatments so far , it is a comfortable, peaceful and relaxing experience. As someone who went in for sever anxiety I found myself much more mellow and able to use rational thought in daily situations more often . I look forward to more sessions and how my anxiety will continue to improve .

Zoe F. July 6, 2022

MGM has a bright, clean, and nicely decorated office. The Doctors and staff are kind and very accommodating. I brought my very depressed Aunt to get the ketamine infusion therapy and we have seen an improvement in her outlook and mood. They Taylor the dosage to your needs and walk you every step of the way. We definitely recommend.

Amanda B. October 15, 2022