Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder.

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Bipolar disorder is challenging to treat, and about half of all patients who achieve remission with the traditional medications end up relapsing within two years. At KETA Medical Center in Oradell, New Jersey,  Manhattan in New York City and New Rochelle, New York Haviva Malina, MD, and Cheryl Malina, MD, lead the team of experts in offering ketamine infusions. This innovative approach can work when traditional medications fail. To learn how ketamine can help you, call the office or use the online scheduling tool now.

Bipolar Disorder Q & A

What is bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that features alternating mania and depression. This disorder affects about 5.7 million Americans today, and more than 4% of people experience bipolar disorder in their lifetime. 

Bipolar disorder can cause severe symptoms that leave you struggling for balance and relief. Knowing the symptoms of bipolar can help you recognize the issue so you can seek help. 

What are the symptoms of bipolar disorder?

The two types of bipolar disorder are: 

Bipolar type 1
Bipolar disorder type 1 features longer periods of mania, with symptoms like being abnormally upbeat; having extreme energy, euphoria, and racing thoughts; getting distracted easily; and behaving impulsively.

This type of bipolar disorder usually (but not always) features depressive episodes between manic episodes, with symptoms like severe sadness, fatigue, loss of pleasure in usual activities, sleep changes, and weight changes. 

Bipolar type 2
Bipolar disorder type 2 features hypomanic episodes instead of manic episodes. Hypomanic episodes are usually less severe than full-blown manias but can nonetheless disrupt your life. This type of bipolar disorder also features major depressive episodes with debilitating depression.

Both types of bipolar disorder can cause severe negative changes in your life. While you might enjoy some aspects of the mania or hypomania, like being more productive and sleeping less, the depressive episodes are exhausting and often debilitating.

If you have bipolar disorder, the frequent dramatic changes in mood can ultimately leave you feeling frustrated and hopeless, but fortunately, KETA Medical Center has a solution. 

How is bipolar disorder treated?

Traditional treatment usually involves medications like antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and antipsychotics alongside psychiatric care. 

Unfortunately, bipolar disease medications often cause severe side effects, sometimes making the treatment feel worse than the disorder itself. In addition, many people don’t get adequate symptom relief with traditional bipolar disorder medications. 

If you’ve tried traditional treatments, only to be left chronically off-balance and unable to live a productive and healthy life, ketamine infusions could be the solution. While the use of Ketamine in Bipolar Disorder is off-label, research has shown that ketamine can be highly effective. 

Ketamine infusions are an innovative alternative approach that stimulates the repair of damaged neural connections and the growth of healthy new thought pathways. This stabilizes your brain receptors, balances your mood, and dramatically improves your wellness.

Ketamine infusions usually take effect immediately, offering a life-changing solution for people struggling with bipolar disorder. Call KETA Medical Center or click the online scheduler to book a free consultation now.

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Bipolar Disorder.
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