Embracing Change with Ketamine Therapy: Moving the Needle in Your Life

Feb 07, 2024
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Dr. Haviva Malina talks about change and healing as we step into the new year.

As we step into the new year,  a time traditionally marked by reflection and resolution, a powerful question emerges: Do I need to change? 

For us at Keta Medical Center, this question isn't just annual introspection; it's at the heart of our mission.  Our background in emergency medicine has not only equipped us with the skills to act swiftly in critical moments but has also given us a profound understanding of the urgent need for effective mental health treatment.

Change can be daunting, but it is often the pathway to profound healing and growth. This is especially true in the realm of mental health, where traditional treatments do not always provide the relief that so many seek. At Keta Medical Center, we offer a beacon of hope through FDA approved Spravato Nasal Spray, a breakthrough in rapid-acting treatment for those suffering from treatment-resistant depression. 

Ketamine can provide a path to regaining emotional and physical well-being. It offers both immediate and long-lasting effects, with many patients having significant improvements in mood and quality of life within only hours. These treatments are also often covered by insurance, including Medicare. 

What sets our clinic apart is our unparalleled medical oversight. As emergency medicine specialists, either Dr. Malina, myself  or one of our fellow doctors will always be on site, providing an added layer of assurance for our patients. We believe in scheduling flexibility and offer evening and weekend hours to accommodate all patients from all backgrounds. Everyone deserves access to mental health care and it is our mission to achieve just that. 

Ketamine therapy at Keta Medical Center is not just a treatment; it's a revolution in mental health care. We've seen patients rediscover life's colors, often after just a few sessions, without the side effects typically associated with conventional antidepressants.

I believe Ketamine is often the x-factor in mental health care. It’s sometimes that thing that when it’s added it really moves the needle. It’s transformative, it’s profound. We know that 40% of people on antidepressants have incomplete responses, so the team and I celebrate that we can give people a chance at a new life with ketamine treatment. 

The stories shared by our patients are not just testimonials; they are beacons of hope to others.. They speak to the profound impact of ketamine therapy in their lives, from breaking free of the shackles of depression and anxiety to embarking on new chapters filled with hope and healing.

One patient writes, “I do not have enough fine words to say about these centers, as well as the two dedicated and compassionate Doctors Malina. They have helped me change my life in a way I never thought possible.”

If you're contemplating change this new year and wondering if ketamine therapy could be your answer, we're here to explore that possibility with you. We invite you to book a free consultation with either myself or one of our other incredible doctors and take that first step towards a transformative change. 

Here's to a year of healing, hope, and the possibility of renewal.


Dr. Haviva Malina