Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Keta Medical Center offers Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) as an integrated component of treatment for interested patients.

For many patients, coordinating sessions with a therapist trained in KAP as part of their ketamine treatment plan can bring significant benefits.  Keta Medical Center has partnered with experienced psychotherapists trained in KAP to offer this modality of treatment. We also can coordinate ketamine treatments with your own therapist if they are trained to provide KAP.

Before Ketamine Treatment 

Patients have 1-3 psychotherapy sessions before the first ketamine treatment. These sessions will start with an initial intake, an assessment and general education regarding ketamine treatment, and will allow you to identify goals and set intentions for your treatment.

After Ketamine Treatment:

The day after each ketamine treatment, you will meet the psychotherapist for an “integration session” in order to process your experience.  At this time, the neuroplastic window is ideal for ‘rewiring the brain.’  Integration sessions may include exploring memories, reframing narratives and developing new coping strategies. 


How many sessions are involved?

The number of ketamine treatments that are coordinated with HAP depends whether you are being treated with IV ketamine or Spravato. KAP usually involves 6 or more ketamine infusion treatment sessions combined with psychotherapy sessions after each infusion. For Spravato, weekly integration sessions are recommended.

How much does KAP cost?

If you choose KAP, you will receive ketamine therapy at Keta Medical offices in coordination with psychotherapy before and after each session.  The Ketamine medical treatments, cost and insurance coverage depends on whether you choose I.V. Ketamine or Nasal Spray Ketamine (Spravato) for treatment.  Spravato is typically covered by insurance, while I.V. Ketamine is not covered by insurance plans and is $500 per session. More information can be found at [Link to Insurance Coverage Site]. 

Fees for KAP are charged separately by our partner psychotherapists, and Keta Medical has negotiated a discounted rate for our patients that work with our partner psychotherapists.  Please inquire with our office for more information regarding therapy rates.